Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sympathy card,made with my brother

 This card was made last minute by myself and my little brother, he's almost 32, but definately a man when it comes to crafting... He came in at about 8:30pm and asked if I would help him make a card "real quick".  It was a sympathy card, which is by far the hardest kind for me to make, so we got started.  We managed to get done in less than 2 hours, start to finish... so there I am totally amazed at my own awesomeness (I mean we had to do the whole stare blankly at the wall until an idea hits you, then hope that a color scheme comes to mind to fit said idea, then pray that some embellishments will start waving at you screaming pick me, pick me!) So there I am loving that we got it done so quickly and he sighs, "I had no idea this would take so long, whew".  It dawned on me that he truly had meant "really quick" since he had only seen finished products and didn't know what crafters actually do...  I decided that I should let someone know that "really quick" in crafty time is closer to 2 hours than 10 minutes.   Anyway the card is 5X7 and the front says yesterday, today, tomorrow...the papers are from Basic Grey, the Romani collection, the twine is just plain old regular twine from wal-mart.  Added a flourishy little stamp and

a flower from my stash,  inside the card there is a border from my Graphically Speaking cart and the word Forever, also some little sticker dove's and finally the last side says Family, and there is a God Bless sticker from my stash.  Hopefully my brother will love his creation, and I hope it will bring a smile to the face of someone who needs it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Craft Channel

Just wanted to share... The new member of My Craft Channel's team, Stacy Julian will be joining them this fall.  If you haven't been there yet My Craft Channel, is giving away 20 cricuts in 20 days, so head over for a chance to win!

Monday, July 11, 2011


 This little guy is serving 2 purposes, no 3 actually, he is being entered into a challenge over at cooking with cricut, he is being sent as a thank you card, and he was made from my sisters create-a-critter cart which I unfortunately have to return since her gypsy died, so I needed to get in at least one last little card before I had to say goodbye.  I also seem to have developed a strange addiction to googly eyes, its a pretty recent development, we'll see what I get addicted to next week.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Love Story... almost done

The stickers came from a set of Jolee's creations, and the borders around the pictures were cut from Mini-Monograms This is our only boy, stuck right in the middle of two older sisters, and two younger sisters.  Thank goodness the one closest in age is the biggest tomboy you will ever meet.

The borders come from accent essentials, the flowers were cut from the Walk in my Garden cartridge, and the sentiment was from Graphically Speaking.  Her nickname is Mac... since we say she is made out of a mac truck.  For her birthday she got a shirt that says daddy's little beef-cake.  I am pretty sure that she could get hit by a train and it wouldn't phase her at all.  She (with the assistance of an uncle who got into big trouble) jumped off of the roof of a house onto a trampoline... Good job Uncle Bobby :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Love Story part... a bunch

The picture borders were done from the Mini Monograms cartridge, the flowers were cut from Walk In My Garden, the flowers were then covered in glittter glue, some gold and some red, and then they were all put together with sticky bling for centers. All of the borders were inked first and then stitched in white and red.  The hearts are from my fiskars heart punch, and they were all painted with orange/gold glitter glue.

This page was a lot of fun to do, it is almost completely done from the Freshly Picked cart, and I had a blast.  All of the veggies in the wheelbarrow come out and have little tidbits of wisdom on them, like be patient, or be gentle... I planted a garden for the first time ever this year, so this was on my mind a lot.

This page is so simple, but it was too perfect the way it was to do much with it.  The sentiment comes from the Forever Young cartridge, and the border from Mini Monograms.  I added some bling and a little stitching, and gold glitter glue on the sentiment and it was good to go.  The brilliant photo editing was done by my equally brilliant daughter :)

This has a lady bug from create-a-critter, and the border on one picture is from a mirror in Forever Young, other than that I inked and added stickers, I put the button and bow on at the last minute, and decided that I liked it there

The butterfly came form the Once Upon a Princess cartridge, cut at 2 1/2" The rest was hand cut, The butterfly stickers came from Jolee's creations, I believe I got them at Wal-Mart.  Inking, stitching and an excellent model, and we were good to go.