Sunday, September 4, 2011

Finally taught my mother to use her design studio

My mother has owned her Design Studio for probably 2 years longer than I have owned mine, but she didn't know how to use it, so finally the other day she came over to help me move, and I sat down and taught her to use it instead.  A much better use of our time, I must say.  This is her finished product, it is a purse from the Forever Young cart. she removed the image that was on the original by using the design studio, and added a flower for a clasp instead.  She used basic grey for the paper, and lots of foam tape to make the clasp really jump out at you.  Good job Mom!  She filled it up with candy and gave it to the girls at the front desk where she works.

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  1. Wow!...good job mom! I love the flower on the front, it really does pop. I bet the girls loved it! :) Tfs and have a great day. :)


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